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Support us and make an donation to change the future of children.

Back To School Appeal

Here are some ways you can donate a one-time donation for our  programmes

W tej chwili nie mamy żadnych produktów do wyświetlenia.

As the world heals from the pandemic and begins to slowly reopen, Ghana has implemented strong protective measures to mitigate community transmission and keep its citizens healthy. While many school districts across the globe will open classrooms and distance learning programs, Ghana will not open its schools until January 2021.  Unfortunately, distance learning is not an option for young school-aged children without access to computers or the internet.  Importantly, youth receive the bulk of their nutritional needs from school provided breakfast and lunch.  Without school these children go hungry are largely, unsupervised and vulnerable to unthinkable challenges.


The Street Academy of Jamestown is a non-profit dedicated to nurturing impoverished children from one Ghana’s most disadvantaged communities.  During the pandemic, the Street Academy has sustained food programs for their own students, as well as all Jamestown children.  The school operates on a nominal budget with loving donations from local and international supporters.  Students of the Street Academy are fostered through education, arts, and sports and then bridged into the public-school system to join their competitive piers.


Join us in helping the Street Academy of Jamestown sustain its educational and social initiatives.  All donations are tracked and monitored for transparency.  Donations go directly to the food program, potable and non-potable water supply for hygiene, cooking, and drinking, school uniforms, and basic school supplies.


Please consider donating, every pound counts!


Leave a one-time donation
and help us to support The Street Academy
for children from slums of Accra.

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