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XXL Blue/Green Canvas Backdrop

XXL Blue/Green Canvas Backdrop

XXL size
Blue/Green Canvas Photo Backdrop: BGN_XXL_24_33_0724 - 240cm x 330cm

  • General info

    All backdrops are inspected both, prior to leaving our facility and upon return to our facility. Please notify our studio immediately of any damage or concerns.

  • Damages:

    The company or individual renting the backdrop is responsible for any loss of or damage to the backdrop from the time it leaves our facility until the time it is received back. Damage includes but is not limited damage to canvas or painted surface from water, tape or other incident; cut canvas or tie line; pins, tape or any other fasteners. Damage fees are assessed per drop. If the backdrop is damaged in any way or is missing tie lines, please contact us immediately to avoid any fees.

  • Alterations:

    No alterations are permitted to be made to the backdrops whatsoever. No painting, stapling, sewing, tacking or changing the form of the backdrop in any way. The company or individual renting the backdrop will be held liable for all repairs or replacement costs and will be billed accordingly.

  • Cancellations:

    Companies or individuals who cancel a booking up to 3 days before the rental date of the backdrop will receive their full deposit back. Cancellations 2 days or less before the rental date of the backdrop will incur the full rental fee or we can offer to reschedule the rental date.


    For Location rentals
    This is to cover the cost of any damage and/or late returns and is held until drop is received back at our facility and checked.

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